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Our Hypnotherapy Certification Program

Posted Sohail on Jun 14, 2015 in Hypnotherapy
Our Hypnotherapy Certification Program

Patanjali Institute doesn´t only provide yoga teacher training but also a hypnotherapy certification program. All of our four week long programs are combined yoga and hypnotherapy exercises. The idea of hypnotherapy is still unknown for many people. That is why we want to explain the benefits of hypnotherapy and especially the combination of yoga and hypnotherapy.

Mindfully practicing Self Hypnosis helps me to manage the challenges of every day with more patience and self-confidence. – Barbara Meisl, Austria

What is hypnotherapy – And what is it good for?

Hypnotherapy is a way of self-hypnosis and hypnosis of others to cure fears, self-destructive habits and other distress. It can include practices like autosuggestion or imagination techniques. It is a technique developed several thousands of years ago in which the patient is transferred into a state of complete calmness and relaxation. During that time it is possible for the patient to directly communicate with his subconscious. The therapist now can guide the patient through a process of “talking” with the inner mind and therefore with the instance of the psych that knows of the deepest roots of fears, self-destructive habits or negative behavior. The therapist can give individual advice and therapeutic suggestions depending on each patient´s needs. During the hypnotherapy certification program students will learn these principals to help others to overcome their individual suffering.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is the state of mind during which body and mind are in complete relaxation. Only in this state it is possible to communicate with the subconscious. The subconscious is comparable to a recording system that knows everything that a person has ever done, felt or experienced since birth. During the hypnotherapy certification program students will learn another technique: Self-hypnosis. It is a special form of hypnosis that can bring a person to that state of deep relaxation without the guidance of a therapist. It is possible during self-hypnosis to communicate with the own subconscious and to have a positive effect on it with the help of positive suggestions and visualizations. Learn more about how hypnotherapy works on our section Ask a Yoga Teacher.

The combination of yoga and hypnotherapy is a very unique, smooth, natural and powerful method. – Martina Uhlig, Switzerland


The healing power of positive thinking by Dr. Sohail Ebady

Dr. Sohail Ebady teaches the lessons for our hypnotherapy certification program. His philosophy is built strongly on positive thinking. He is convinced that most forms of stress are results of negative thinking or a negative attitude. The inner conflicts of people with a lot of stress, negative thoughts and unwanted feelings can be brought down to a level where it does not effect those people´s lives in a negative way anymore. More so, it is possible for each individual to become as calm, balanced and conscious during all periods of life as wished. This inner peace can be achieved through positive thinking. During the transformation process the patient will gain self esteem and a positive image of himself and becomes more aware of own potentials and abilities. This can be a powerful motivation to have a positive impact on the individual´s and other people´s lives as well as towards inner growth. Even Buddha already taught us: “As You Think, You Become”. Read more about Dr. Sohail Ebady´s philosophy in the FAQ

Overcome bad habits

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy for all sorts of illnesses and sufferings. Even drug addictions like alcoholism and smoking addiction can be healed by hypnotherapy. Unwanted behaviors, thoughts, habits, feelings phobias and reactions are rooted deep within the Manomaya Kosa (mind layer). The hypnotherapy certification program gives away the right tools to get to these roots and overcome stress. It is possible to deprogram the body and mind in a positive way, without a lot of expensive sessions or instruments. Hypnotherapy is help to self-help. Deprogramming the mind means also to overcome bad habits. Sexual related issues, fears and phobias can vanish with the help of hypnotherapy. Through the strengthening of the will and consciousness of the patient even heavy illnesses like depression, insomnia, anxiety, burnout syndrome or allergies can be healed completely.

You will learn so much about hypnotherapy and how all the misconceptions surrounding this science came into existence. Once you experience the power of self hypnosis, you will be so excited to share your knowledge and help others to manifest the healthy and happy life we all wish it live.- Jacqueline, South Africa

Hypnotherapy and Yoga

Many may wonder why the hypnotherapy certification program comes together with a yoga teacher training. The answer is simple. Because hypnotherapy is – according to Dr. Sohail Ebady – a yogic practice. Yoga helps to get to a state of very deep relaxation and calm in which it is possible to “talk” to the subconscious. Techniques like contemplation and visualization are also being used during yogic meditation. Yoga can go a long way with balancing the mind and body. But there are cases when this just isn´t enough. When the mind has been exposed to too much negative influences and stress, it may even become impossible to meditate correctly. This is where hypnotherapy comes in. With this ancient technique it will be possible to release stress with yogic practices so that the individual is back on it´s path to well-being.

What to expect from the hypnotherapy certification program?

The hypnotherapy certification program offers four weeks of training to become a certified hypnotherapist. The program is equally suited for beginners as for experienced students and includes lessons in lectures, practices, demonstrations and instructions. Each evening there will be several hours of lessons and exercises. With the successful completion of the program students are able to apply for a membership at the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy (IACH) where only one theoretical exam will have to be taken. The practical test will already have been done during our hypnotherapy certification program.

If you want to take part in the hypnotherapy certification programm, get signed up now!

Courses take place in the beautiful landscape of Thailand and Bali. There are still some free places for 2015!

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