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What our students say about us

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I have learned so many thinks about myself and about the essence of yoga and hypnotherapy. I feel really greateful that I came here to have the opportunity to learn from Sohail.

Carina, Switzerland

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this great course! I benefited very much – I lost a lot of weight, too.

Julia, Germany

I feel like a very confident teacher and hypnotherapist. I highly recommend this training to anybody.

Brandy, USA

It was a very nice experience, both from the human point of view and from learning. It’s crazy all that we could learn in a month. The training can be for anybody, both professionals and beginners.

Nadia, France

I found this course very beneficial for me. It completly changed my life. Every morning I wake up and have inner peace and am very happy to start a new day.

Katerina, Russia

It was a wonderful experience with such lovely people. It´s really good for reconnecting with your mind, your body and your soul. I would highly recommend it for anyone to come and share this experience.

Nadine, England

I was backpacking South East Asia when I came across a flyer for the Patanjali Institute’s Yoga & Hypnotherapy Course in Chiang Rai Thailand. As soon as I took at look at the website to see what the course entailed, I knew it was for me and attending this course is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Spending a month studying under Dr. Sohail’s guidance absolutely transformed my life. In just a month’s time, I could not believe how much my body and mind changed. I gained so much flexibility and learned to truly control my thoughts and emotions, helping to manifest the life I desire to live. As Dr. Sohail taught me ” Positive Thinking Brings Me What I Wish”. My daily self hypnosis and yoga practice is still improving my life to this day forward.

Upon finishing the course, I can confidently give hypnotherapy treatments and teach Raja Yoga to others. I am excited to be able to pass on the wonderful knowledge I gained from Dr. Sohail and improve others lives, just as much as he improved mine.

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti <3

Meredith Tanner, New Zealand

This has been a very interesting experience. (…) Yoga is not only doing Asana, different poses and meditating. It goes much deeper”

Choo San Quek, Singapore

It is amazing how much Sohail’s yoga and hypnotherapy teacher course changed my life. I enyojed every second I spent with Sohail and the group, no matter how early we had to get up or how hard we had to study. I can truly say it is one of the best things I’ve done in my life so far. The combination of yoga and hypnotherapy is a very unique, smooth, natural and powerful method. A method wich made my life a lot more colorful and I strongly believe that it can change the life of everybody. In this very short time I really got the meaning of the yoga philosophy. The sentence „as you think so you become“ is no longer only a saying but a lifestyle I feel very comfortable with. Thank you Sohail for all the experience, thoughts and wisdom you shared with us. And a big thank you to that wonderful group we were, thanks for all the energy we built together, the jokes we made, the oatmeal we ate and for being true friends- I really hope to see you again one day.
Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti

Martina Uhlig, Switzerland

As much as I was not a yoga professional, after a month you really learn all the essence of yoga. I feel very good about it. So whether you are professional or not professional, it is good for you to join.

Sebastien, France

I had a really good month here, it was really so much fun. I made friends, I had really good food… And yoga of course, every single morning under the full moon and the watching the sun set over the harbour every night while we were doing the hypnotherapy course was a really nice balance.

Also, she posted this on our facebookpage:

I recently completed my course in Bali with Dr Sohail and it was such a life changing experience. I am so happy I did this course and look so forward to my new life as a Yoga teacher and Hypnotherapist. Sohail is a phenomenal teacher. The personal attention and guidance you will receive on this course from him, will for sure make you the master of your own practice and as a result the best yoga teacher possible to help others improve their practice. You will learn so much about hypnotherapy and how all the misconceptions surrounding this science came into existence. Once you experience the power of self hypnosis, you will be so excited to share your knowledge and also help others to manifest the healthy and happy life we all wish it live. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Jacqueline, South Africa

I am extremely happy and greateful that I had the chance to learn all this from Sohail. I have had no experience whatsoever with hypnosis, I didn´t know a lot about it, either. I am really excited about it now, because I have learned so much about it during this short period of time.

Eva, Switzerland

I feel very confident in being a teacher and also a therapist after this program.

Melody, USA

Natasha, Canada

Renee, Germany

He is wonderful doctor and Yogi, very humble and dedicated to his own path. He developed his own method of hypnotherapy and self hypnosis. I personally had great improvement for postnatal depression and issue for partnership after giving birth. When he talks about hypnosis and psychosomatics, it often connects with yoga philosophy – it comes so beautifully into my heart.

Maiko, Director of NAMO – community space for massage, yoga and more, Chiang Mai – Thailand

Mindfully practicing Self Hypnosis helps me to manage the challenges of every day with more patience and self-confidence. Self Hypnosis is a tool to gradually “reprogram” myself in order to be able to become the person I wish to be. Thank you very much for sharing and teaching Self Hypnosis to me!

Barbara Meisl, head of Baan Doi – Home and Healing Center for Children, Salzburg – Austria

I just spent the last 4 weeks with Dr. Sohail Ebady studying hypnotherapy and yoga. I can confidently say I am grateful for his patience with me and the group. I have experienced a lot of challenges and I’m very grateful for that. I am now very confident in conducting self-hypnosis and hypnosis to a group of people, and I’m also now very confident in teaching yoga.

Dylan, Australia

I have known Dr. Sohail Ebady for several years and I’m very familiar with his work in self-hypnosis and yoga. He has taught me and my wife, Neli, these two techniques. His method of teaching is very simple and very effective.

I’m a physician, an anesthesiologist, at a very busy hospital in Seattle area in USA while Neli is a solo practicing attorney. We have both seen major improvements in our attitude and performance at work. It has helped me to cope with the day-to-day stress of my job very well and I subsequently have a better relationship with my colleagues.

In the same way, it has helped Neli as well. She has been much better and more relaxed in her presentations at work. In our relationship, we have better understanding of each other through awareness that has grown from practicing self-hypnosis and yoga. As a result, we are happier family (three daughters).

Improvement in our swimming and bicycling exercises is another positive impact that we have witnessed. These are the natural results of practicing self-hypnosis and yoga. We’ve been blessed to learn them in a simple and effective way from an experienced teacher like Dr. Ebadi.

Ramin Ahsaei, MD, Certified by American Board of Anesthesiology, Seattle, Washington – U.S.A.

Sohail is a wonderful yoga teacher! You can feel that he gained a lot of wisdom while travelling the world. Getting to know his special approach to yoga was a great enrichment for me – thanks for that, Sohail!

Lisa Huber, student, Munich – Germany

I just finished the 200 hours of yoga and hypnotherapy. The past 4 weeks have been pretty educational and I’ve learned a lot about my mind and my body through yoga and hypnosis. Dr. Sohail was just wonderful and very patient with us. Thank you very much.

Diko, Egypt

Hello Sohail, thank you very much for your auto-hypnosis session. I appreciate all the conversations we had about yoga and spirituality. You are obviously living what you teach. The meditation session was very insightful and relaxing. I hope that I will be able to attend your yoga teacher and hypnotherapist training workshop in the future!

Sebastien, blues musician and forex trader, Fribourg – Switzerland &  Chiang Mai – Thailand

I have been suffering from low back pain since 50 years. After undergoing the yoga therapy instructed by Sohail I got a good improvement. I shall practice the method and become still better. I wish you all the best.

Pedro Joao, retired Portuguese, San Francisco – USA

➔ Reference of the Yoga University Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYASA University India) where I was teaching students in 2013.