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Rules & Regulations of our Program

Please read the information carefully below before applying:

* This program is not religious, non-sectarian, and non-political.

* The course covers yoga philosophy and lifestyle as well as Yoga Asana.

* Students are requested to maintain a yogic atmosphere of sincerity and positivity.

* The students are expected to maintain a vegetarian diet throughout the course in order to have the maximum benefit of the yogic experience.

* No refund is given for the meals you elect not to eat.

* Punctuality and participation in all classes are compulsory. Trainees should complete all assignments.

* Meat, fish, egg, alcohol, tobacco, illegal, drugs and nudity are prohibited during the program, as they are counterproductive to yoga practice.

* The institute reserves the right of admission.

* Students will be asked to leave if their behavior is improper or goes against the teachings, disruption of other students, behaving improperly or failing to attend daily schedule and activities. No refund will be given to students who have been asked to leave.

* The trainees will take full responsibilities for their own health and well being during the course. The Patanjali Institute is not responsible for any injuries or other health problems that might occur.

* Submission of the application form constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations stipulated and acceptance of the payment and refund policy.