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The Four Noble Truths – The Foundation of Buddhism

Posted Sohail on Apr 22, 2014 in Yoga Videos
The Four Noble Truths – The Foundation of Buddhism

Yoga and Buddhism both developed in the same spiritual culture of India. While Buddhism is a religion and yoga can be considered a spiritual discipline, both share a lot of similar practices and principles, e.g., mindfulness as a way of being grounded in the present moment and meditation as a way to cultivate awareness of the self.

In this video, the essence of Buddha’s teachings are discussed through what’s called the Four Noble Truths which are the foundation of Buddhism:

  1. The truth of suffering (dukkha)
  2. The truth of the cause of suffering (samudaya)
  3. The truth of the end of suffering (nirhodha), and
  4. The truth of the path that frees us from suffering (magga).

Dukkha doesn’t only mean “Life is suffering.” It also refers to anything that’s temporary or conditional. The cause of our suffering is our craving for something outside of ourselves to make us happy–whether it’s other people or money and other material things.

According to the Buddha, we can end our life’s suffering by ending the craving. It’s not easy, but by following what’s called “The Eightfold Path,” we may reach enlightenment.

Watch the video below for a basic understanding of these Four Noble Truths in particular and Buddhism in general.

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