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The Benefits of Yoga and Hypnotherapy for Runners

Posted Sohail on Feb 1, 2014 in Ask a Yoga Teacher
The Benefits of Yoga and Hypnotherapy for Runners

Yoga and Hypnotherapy can be an effective combination in promoting overall well-being and reducing the effects of stress. However, not a lot of people are aware of this; most still think that hypnotherapy is about making someone do something against his will.

In order to help our readers understand hypnotherapy better, and how it can be combined with yoga, we are coming up with a new blog series: Ask a Yoga Teacher. Our first question is from a runner who’s also a beginning yoga practitioner. She asks:

What are the benefits of Yoga and Hypnotherapy for Runners?

This is the answer of Dr. Sohail Ebady, the founder of Patanjali Institute and a long-term hypnotherapist and yoga teacher:

Yes, there are definite benefits from practicing yoga and hypnotherapy for runners; performance in running marathons and other sports are noticeably enhanced from the practice of these self-improving exercises. One of the main differences between yoga and other sports is that practicing yoga energizes the body while other exercises exert all the energy, causing tiredness and exhaustion.

By practicing Asanas and Pranayamas, one prepares the body for marathon running. Asanas and Pranayamas increase the functional capacity of the lungs, helping in running and breath control.

These practices also develop an awareness of the abilities and potential of the individual, developing a strong and powerful motivation. Take any player from your favorite sports team, for example. Some days they are unstoppable; the next week, they flop at every opportunity. What’s going on? What can be done, if anything?

Well, with hypnotherapy, dropping positive suggestions into the subconscious mind like, “I can do it” or “I can run a short distance very easily,” is a way of reprogramming the subconscious into functioning in a way that provides positive outcomes.

By practicing yoga and self-hypnosis, people become the masters of their own minds and learn how to use the wonderful power of their subconsciousness towards their goals. Of course, by practicing yoga and self-hypnosis people minimize the tension and stress in their lives, which is a big waste of a person’s energy.

About Sohail Ebady

Sohail Ebady Yoga Teacher Training ThailandDr. Ebady has been a yoga teacher for 21 years and a hypnotherapist for 20 years. He founded the Patanjali Institute to conduct a Yoga Teacher Training Thailand course as well as a Yoga Teacher Training in Bali for students interested to practice both yoga teaching and hypnotherapy. To find out more or to register, check out the schedule for upcoming classes and availability.

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