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Some of the Many Reasons Why Yoga is Good for You

Posted Sohail on Dec 27, 2013 in Patanjali Institute, Yoga
Some of the Many Reasons Why Yoga is Good for You

Ever wonder why the practice of yoga has spread all over the world from its origins in ancient India? The simple answer is that yoga is good for you. It’s very beneficial, in fact, and a lot of people have enrolled in yoga teacher training in Chiang Mai Thailand, among other places.

Yoga aims for its practitioners to attain a state of peace through physical, mental, and spiritual discipline. With regular practice, it doesn’t only nurture your body, but more importantly, your spiritual and psychological states, too. Yoga’s approach is holistic, thus making it a modern-day symbol of personal peace, serenity, and well-being.

There are a lot of disciplines of yoga known today. Different types focus on different aspects of the body, mind, and soul that practitioners wish to improve. It is advised that before going into a yoga class, you should have an objective in mind, for this will dictate what kind of yoga you will be focusing on.

Nonetheless, yoga in general is beneficial in more ways than one. Here are just some of its benefits.

yoga pose

Yoga calms the mind.

Improved brain function. A particular branch of yoga called Hatha Yoga focuses on the physical body postures rather than on the flow or sequences. Thus it enhances cognitive function, focus, and memory.

Lowered stress levels. Yoga has an amazing stress busting powers because it helps calm the mind and brings about relaxation. With regular practice, it can get easier for you to consciously relax yourself, lowering your stress levels considerably.

Increased flexibility. Bikram yoga which teaches followers 26 postures that must be performed within a 90-minute routine has proven to increase shoulder and lower back flexibility.

Lowered blood pressure. A study from the University of Pennsylvania has found out that yoga could lower blood pressure among people with middle to moderate case of hypertension.

Improved sense of balance. Iyengar yoga, a type of yoga designed for adults aged 65 years old and above, helps improve their sense of balance by training them on different yoga poses that emphasize body alignment.

Improved sex drive. People who are into yoga are more likely to achieve sexual satisfaction. It can boost arousal, desire, and orgasm which is achieved through a yoga practitioner’s familiarity with their bodies needs and desires.

Reduced chronic neck pain. People who have neck pain can resort to Iyengar yoga for it stresses proper body alignment with the use of props such as incline boards, straps, harnesses, and furniture. Through undergoing this therapy, the neck is properly exercised with the rest of the body.

Lowered risk of heart disease. Long-time practitioners of yoga can attest that it can lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar through proper circulation of body fluids as a result of a strengthened cardiovascular system and a clear mind that is free of stress and worries.

No matter how impressive this list may be, there are still a lot of reasons why yoga is good for you. Sign up now for a Yoga Teacher Training in Chiang Mai Thailand. Check out our schedule for upcoming classes and availability.

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