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Yogi Recommends Sattvic Diet

Posted Sohail on Dec 3, 2013 in Patanjali Institute, Yoga
Yogi Recommends Sattvic Diet

In an article published in Aura Wellness Center, Dr. Sohail Ebady writes about how our diet can affect our physical and our spiritual well-being, especially when we are undergoing hypnotherapy teacher training.

Dr. Ebady says that our diet can be categorized as sattvic (from satva, meaning purity, harmony and lucidity), rajastic (from rajas: passion and activity), and tamasic (from tamas: darkness and inertia).

Sattvic diet is most recommended; it is completely vegetarian and has the most vital life force. The food in this category include fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and legumes, and fresh milk and its derivatives, among others.

The tamasic diet, on the other hand, should be avoided because the food under this category is impure. This includes processed foods and foods with chemicals. Take away fast food, canned food, and deep fried food also belong here.

According to Dr. Ebady, consuming food that’s considered pure can purify one’s inner nature, which may lead one to achieve a memory of the Self. Indeed, the sattvic diet—together with regular yoga and hypnotherapy teacher training—can help increase one’s level of self-awareness and inner wisdom.

Check out the full article here: Diet in Combination with Yoga and Hypnotherapy.

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