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Pai, The Hidden Gem in Thailand

Posted Sohail on Apr 26, 2014 in Yoga in Thailand
Pai, The Hidden Gem in Thailand

When people hear of Northern Thailand, they usually think of Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. Further away, however, lies a beautiful hidden gem called Pai, a small town near the border of Myanmar. Around 4 hours from Chiang Mai, Pai has small town charms in abundance.

Pai’s cooler mountain temperature and captivating landscapes make it a favorite among foreign travelers. Motorcycling through Pai will lead you to discover many interesting locales and locals, and the countryside is simply stunning with verdant trees and rolling hills.

You can rest your motorbike at Pai Canyon to get a spectacular sunset view over the mountainside, or stop at the hot springs to liven up your spirit and inject some energy into your aching body. A trip to one of the waterfalls in Pai is also a refreshing way to cool yourself after hours of biking or riding a motorcycle.

Exploring nature and getting lost while you’re at it are all part of your experience when you’re in Pai. However, the small, quaint town is also as diverse as the nature that surrounds it. There are many cafes with interesting art all around town.

The beauty of nature in Pai is indescribable. ©Davidlohr Bueso

The beauty of nature in Pai is indescribable. ©Davidlohr Bueso

Indeed, the urban sprawl found in Bangkok is only a vague dream up in the mountains of Pai. Your pockets will feel much better as well as the prices in Pai are slashed in half compared to Bangkok.

The charm of the city lies in its art, and Pai has many of it.There are so many eye-catching art pieces lying around town that make it very different from Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The city is also fond of bikes, so you have a lot of choices whenever you want to explore the heart of the city or deep into the mountains.

Pai is a very charming city north of Chiang Mai that will captivate you with its natural beauty and artistic soul. Make sure to come visit here whenever you’re in Northern Thailand!

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Photo Credits:
Pai River, Thailand by Davidlohr Bueso under CC BY 2.0.

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