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How does your method of hypnotherapy work?

Posted Sohail on Nov 1, 2013 in  Course FAQ

Our instructor Dr. Sohail Ebady says:

I concentrate a lot on “positive thinking,” so that all the teachings go deep into the subconscious. I believe one of the first side effects of chronic stress reactions is the development of a negative attitude; this negativity has its own negative effects in all the aspects of life.

As Buddha said, “What you think, you become!”

When I’m conducting these sessions, I concentrate on making my clients become calm and relaxed in different situations. This prevents the development of stress, which is very harmful to the body and mind. The things that stress them, that bother and irritate or worry them and unnecessarily occupy them for many hours of the day, will not have the same effect on them anymore. They will go through their daily life with a calm and relaxed mind. A tense, hypersensitive, and easily irritated individual then becomes transformed into a calm and relaxed person with inner peace.

mudra_2.jpgFor example: Many people react unwantedly (physically or emotionally) in particular situations. Some people who wake up in the morning, for example, may experience the most terrible feelings such as unwanted thoughts, feelings, behaviors and habits.

These inner conflicts take away the inner happiness completely. These are all programs in the subconscious mind which have been developed during different periods in the life of the individual and they repeat themselves in a cyclical pattern.

Through my sessions, these unwanted programs get deprogrammed slowly day by day. The mental knots and blockages open up, and one after another, as the individual comes out of this cyclical pattern, they experience inner peace and gradually come to a natural flow of regeneration and well-being.

In my practice, I have particularly good successes with insomnia, depression, anxiety neurosis, burnout syndrome, and eating disorders.

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