Who is our instructor?

Posted on  Feb 16, 2014  in Course FAQ

The instructor, who's also the founder of Patanjali Institute, is Dr. Sohail Ebady. He has decades of experience as a yoga teacher (21 years) and as a hypnotherapist (20 years). In the course of his hypnotherapy practice, Dr. Ebady realized that yoga and hypnotherapy done together can be a very potent tool towards helping someone achieve inner peace. Dr. Ebady speaks English, Persian, German, Hin

Why do we have a maximum group size of 10 students?

Posted on  Nov 12, 2013  in Course FAQ

Our courses in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Bali are limited to 10 people only for every class. This is to make sure that our instructor, Dr. Sohail Ebady, will have ample chance to observe each student and provide individual assistance. This is why our training works. All students benefit from Dr. Ebady's personalized professional feedback and guidance.

Do I need a visa to Thailand or Indonesia?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

Thailand Most nationalities are given a free 30-day tourist visa on arrival. For some passport holders, you may need to apply in your country of residence. If you wish to extend your stay in Thailand longer than 30 days, border runs to Myanmar (just 20 minutes away from the resort) can be arranged at your own expense. Please note that over staying your visa will result in a 500 THB per day penalt

What can I expect from these 4 weeks?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

You can expect to be perfectly trained to teach yoga have full 200 hours of training give hypnotherapy sessions and conduct self-hypnosis workshops get 2 certifications learn to free yourself from stress have spiritual growth & start a journey towards your inner self have wonderful memories to take back home

What do I need to bring?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

Comfortable clothing - prepare for hot weather, cool evenings and possible rain! Bathing suit Personal items/toiletries Yoga mat Notebooks and pens Health insurance

Is one month enough to become a professional hypnotherapist?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

Yes, you will get the essence of what Dr. Sohail Ebady teaches with his 20 years of experience!

Is it not too much to learn to be a yoga teacher and a hypnotherapist at the same time?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

You have a very professional teacher. During this Yoga Teacher Training & Hypnotherapy Diploma Course, you will also become more aware of your abilities and potentials. You will learn very well - without any strain but with joy and pleasure!

Can I join only one course, i.e., only the Yoga Teacher Training or the Hypnotherapy Diploma Course and not both?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

You will be required to attend both course schedules. Even though you may be a yoga teacher or a hypnotherapist, you will still receive the benefits of both practices.

How does your method of hypnotherapy work?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

Our instructor Dr. Sohail Ebady says: I concentrate a lot on “positive thinking,” so that all the teachings go deep into the subconscious. I believe one of the first side effects of chronic stress reactions is the development of a negative attitude; this negativity has its own negative effects in all the aspects of life. As Buddha said, “What you think, you become!” When I'm conducting

What is hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and hypnotherapy?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

Hypnosis is a natural, deep and relaxed state of mind, in which one has good communication with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is that part of one’s mind which regulates the entire system of the body, faithfully recording what you have done, felt, and experienced from birth. Hypnotherapy is a healing art several thousand years old. The therapist guides the patient to a state of co

Which style of yoga do you teach?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

The Patanjali Institute teaches the traditional, classical form of yoga as was described in the ancient scriptures. Our Yoga Teacher Training Course also covers the yogic lifestyle and philosophy to give students a better, more rounded foundation on which to base their yogi practice.This ancient form of yoga is an holistic approach devised by Swami Vivekananda Yoga, Anusandhana Samsthana (S-VYAS)

Why yoga and hypnotherapy are a perfect combination?

Posted on  Nov 1, 2013  in Course FAQ

Sohail Ebady, M.D. gives an insight into Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis, Yoga and the course concept of Patanjali Institute in the article Yoga & Hypnotherapy for Complete Health. You can also find a short version of the article on Aura Wellness Center.